Currently, TSEA Link has 2 active CS:GO teams, who both practise together on wednesdays. Our first team consists of veteran players (LE – Global Elite), who have played several online tournaments together. Our talent team consists of highly promising players (MG – DMG), who strive to improve on a weekly basis.

We are looking for players to strengthen our rosters, with a desire to improve not only as a player, but as a part of our team. We value teamwork, communication and punctuality over individual skill. We expect our players to approach the training evenings like they would a regular sport. This means you let the captain know when you’re unable to make it, and be on time every week. Also, we don’t care if you play around in normal matchmaking, but during practise night the atmosphere will be relaxed but serious. This also means taking constructive criticism, otherwise there is no point in playing in a team.

Why join a team?
-We give you a platform to play in a team, so you can improve other abilities besides just fragging. This includes leadership for coaches/IGL’s, teamwork, strategy’s and utility usage. Playing with the same people every week will enhance your synergy with them, which also is very cool.
-Besides just ingame activities, you will hopefully also make new friends. Last year we went to a restaurant with the CS:GO team, and we thrive to do more of these activities this year. Besides your team, you will also get access to the Link family. Link has over 100 members as we speak, and keeps growing as the popularity of esports rises.
-Its hella fun! For atleast 1 evening a week, you won’t be playing with pesky Russian’s or flaming kids

If any questions remain, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page.